The Centre for Pragmatics Research was established in 2018, with the goal of promoting cutting-edge linguistic pragmatic research both in the Central European area and worldwide, in the form of high-profile international collaborations. The Centre has a specific research strength in the area of sociopragmatics, that is, the study of the ways in which people build up and maintain interpersonal relationships with language (use), across various cultures and contextual settings, and via various interactional phenomena such as politeness, humour and so on.

We have a specific strength in Chinese and English sociopragmatic research, but we also pursue interest in other, lesser studied languages, such as Romani.

The Centre hosts various cutting-edge projects. These include:


High-profile publications, such as:

East Asian Pragmatics

A peer-reviewed international journal edited by Xinren Chen (Nanjing University) and Daniel Kadar

Edinburgh Studies in Sociopragmatics

An academic book series of more than 20 volumes, edited by Daniel Kadar

Pragmatics Interfaces (in collaboration with Eniko Nemeth T. and Karoly Bibok @ Szeged)


International academic events:

We are proud of hosting high profile academic events such as the RILHAS CPR Summer School in Linguistics, organised in partnership with Fujian Normal University.


Research grants:

The Centre gives home to the MTA Momentum Interactional Ritual Research Group, funded by a large research project of HUF 120 million of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. This project examines the role of interactional rituals in intercultural settings. As part of this project, members of the Centre deliver intercultural communication trainings for various stakeholders, including for example Hungarian expatriates living in London (more details to be added soon).






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