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Selected Publications



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Montague-Grammatik. in: Schierholz, Stefan et al. (eds.): Wörterbücher zur Sprach- und Kommunikationswissenschaft (WSK). Berlin: de Gruyter. [online reference].


[with Beáta Gyuris]. A propozíció-tagadás hiányáról a magyar -e partikulás eldöntendő kérdő mondatokban." in: Dékány, Éva, Tamás Halm & Balazs Surányi (eds.): Általános Nyelvészeti Tanulmányok XXXII. Újabb eredmények a grammatikaelmélet, nyelvtörténet és uralisztika köréből. Budapest: Akadémia Kiadó. 297-316.

Quo Vadis (Lingua) Hungari(c)a? in: Gárdai, Kinga, Anna Kohári & Cecília Molnár (eds.): GyurMa 100. Kérdések Gyuris Beádnak és Mády Katinak. Budapest: GyurMa Munkacsoport. 8-10.  

[with Jens Michaelis]. Verb Second Declaratives, Assertion, and Disjunction Revisited. in: Woods, Rebecca & Sam Wolfe (eds.): Rethinking Verb Second. Oxford: OUP. 281-296.  

[with Þórhallur Eyþórsson]. Varieties of Dependent Verb Second and Verbal Mood: A View from Icelandic. in: Woods, Rebecca & Sam Wolfe (eds.): Rethinking Verb Second. Oxford: OUP. 208-239.  


[with Markus Steinbach]. Zum Verhältnis von Satztyp- und Illokutionstypinventaren: Ein Blick auf kognitive Ansätze. in: Meier-Vieracker, Simon, Lars Bülow, Frank Liedtke, Konstanze Marx & Robert Mroczynski (eds.): 50 Jahre Speech Acts. Bilanz und Perspektiven. Tübingen: Narr Francke Attempto. 227-247.

On the Rich Agreement Hypothesis and varieties of embedded V2. Nordic Journal of Linguistics. 42:209-225.


[with Markus Steinbach]. Szkeptikus megjegyzések a beszédaktusok és a nézőpont szintaxisához. Nyelvtudományi Közlemények 114:45-59.


[with Beáta Gyuris]. On Delimiting the Space of Bias Profiles for Polar Interrogatives. Linguistische Berichte 251:26-49. [draft]

Root Infinitivals and Modal Particles. An Interim Report. in: Bayer, Josef & Volker Struckmeier (eds.): Discourse Particles. Formal Approaches to their Syntax and Semantics. Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton. 115-143.


A Note on the Rich Agreement Hypothesis and Varieties of "Embedded V2" Working Papers in Scandinavian Syntax 97:1-13. 


On Infinitivals Hosting Logophors: The Case of Icelandic. Nordic Journal of Linguistics 38:365-370.


[with Beáta Gyuris]. A Note on Quotative Inversion in Hungarian. Finno-Ugric Languages and Linguistics 3:2-30.

Strange Loops: Phrase-Linking Grammar Meets Kaynean Pronominalization. Linguistische Berichte 239:383-395.

On Covert Modality in German Root Infinitives. WCCFL 31:199-206.

Überlegungen zur versteckten Modalität infiniter Hauptsatzstrukturen. Linguistische Berichte 237:81-92.

[with Jens Michaelis]. In Defense of Generalized Wh-Clustering. CLS 46:137-146.


Review of "The Biolinguistic Enterprise," edited by Boeckx & Di Sciullo, and "Phonological Architecture" by Samuels. The Quarterly Review of Biology 88: 343-344.

Infinite Hauptsatzstrukturen. in: Meibauer, Jörg, Markus Steinbach & Hans Altmann (eds.): Satztypen des Deutschen. Berlin: de Gruyter. 202-231. [draft]


Does Searle's Challenge Affect Chances for Approximating Assertion and Quotative Modal Wollen? in: Schalley, Andrea (ed.): Practical Theories and Empirical Practices. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 245-256. [draft]

Function Composition and the Linear Local Modeling of Extended NEG-Scope. in: Artemis Alexiadou, Tibor Kiss & Gereon Müller (eds.): Local Modelling of Non-Local Dependencies in Syntax. Berlin: de Gruyter. 337-352. [draft]

[with Beáta Gyuris]. Pragmatic Markers in Hungarian: Some Introductory Remarks. Acta Linguistica Hungarica 59. 387-426.

Ever Since Dennett: On the Origins of Biolinguistics. Biolinguistics 6: 166-167.


[with Bryan Jurish]. Postmodern Linguistics and the Prospects of Neural Syntax: Some Polemical Remarks. Theoretical Linguistics 37. 37-44. [draft]


[with Jens Michaelis]. On the Treatment of Multiple-Wh-Interrogatives in Minimalist Grammars. in: Hanneforth, Thomas & Gisbert Fanselow, (eds.): Language and Logos. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag. 339-366.

[with Jens Michaelis]. On Modeling the Distribution of Declarative V2-Clauses: the Case of Disjunction. in: Bab, Sebastian & Klaus Robering (eds.): Judgements and Propositions. Berlin: Logos. 11-25.


More on the Indefinite-Interrogative Affinity: The View from Embedded Non-Finite Interrogatives. Linguistic Typology 13. 1-37. [draft]

On the Prospects of a Clause Combining Approach to "Focusing" No-Constructions in Malagasy. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 27. 789-816.


[with Jens Michaelis]. A Note on Countercyclicity and Minimalist Grammars. in: Penn, Gerald (ed.): Proceedings of Formal Grammar 2003. CSLI-Online Publications. 95-109. 


Low Risk Quantifiers: A Game-Theoretical Approximation to the DP-  Restriction on IV2-Presentationals. in: Aloni, Maria et al. (eds.): Proceedings of the 16th Amsterdam Colloquium 2007. Amsterdam: ILLC. 103-108.

[with Christian Ebert & Cornelia Endriss]. An Information Structural Account of German Integrated Verb Second Clauses. Research on Language and Computation 5. 415-434.

Infinitivische Fragen in Nebensatzfunktion. in: Das Forschungsjahr 2005. Jahresbericht der Geisteswissenschaftlichen Zentren Berlin, Nr.10: 35-46.

[with Jens Michaelis]. Locality Conditions and the Complexity of Minimalist Grammars: A Preliminary Survey. in: Kepser, Stephan & James Rogers (eds.): Proceedings of the ESSLLI Workshop on Model Theoretic Syntax at 10. Dublin. 89-100.

[with Jens Michaelis]. Some Remarks on Locality Conditions and Minimalist Grammars. in: Sauerland, Uli & Hans-Martin Gärtner (eds.): Interfaces + Recursion = Language? Chomsky’s Minimalism and the View from Syntax-Semantics. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 161-195.


Germanic V-in-C: Some Riddles. Theoretical Linguistics 32-3. 381-385.

[with Markus Steinbach]. A Skeptical Note on the Syntax of Speech Acts and Point of View. in: Brandt, Patrick & Eric Fuß (eds.): Form, Structure, Grammar. [ = Festschrift für Günther Grewendorf ]. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag. 213-222.

[with Paul Law & Joachim Sabel]. Clause Structure and Adjuncts in Austronesian Languages: A Critical Introductory Survey. in: Gärtner, Hans-Martin, Paul Law & Joachim Sabel (eds.): Clause Structure and Adjuncts in Austronesian Languages. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 1-42.

A Note on Infinitival Questions and Indefinite Pronouns. in: Gärtner, Hans-Martin, Sigrid Beck, Regine Eckardt, Renate Musan & Barbara Stiebels (eds.): Between 40 and 60 Puzzles for Krifka. 


[with Cornelia Endriss]. Relativische Verbzweitsätze und Definitheit. in: d'Avis, Franz-Josef (ed.): Deutsche Syntax: Empirie und Theorie. Göteborg: Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis. 195-220.

[with Paul Law]. Postverbal Wh-Phrases in Malagasy, Tagalog, and Tsou. in: Heinz, Jeffrey & Dimitris Ntelitheos (eds.): Proceedings of AFLA XII. (= UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics 12). 211-226.

[with Christian Ebert & Cornelia Endriss]. German Integrated Verb  Second Clauses, Relative Clauses, and Information Structure. in: Richter, Frank & Manfred Sailer (eds.): Proceedings of the ESSLLI'05 Workshop on Empirical Challenges and Analytical Alternatives to Strict Compositionality. Edinburgh. 133-147.

[with Joanna Błaszczak]. Intonational Phrasing, Discontinuity, and the Scope of Negation. Syntax 8. 1-22.

[with Jens Michaelis]. A Note on the Complexity of Constraint Interaction: Locality Conditions and Minimalist Grammars. in: Philippe Blache and Ed Stabler (eds.): Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics. Heidelberg: Springer. 114-130.


Naming and Economy. in: Olivier Bonami and Patricia Cabredo Hofherr (eds.): Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 5. 63-74.

Relatively Accessible: On the Anaphoric Treatment of Relative(-like) Constructions. in: Hunyadi, László, György Rákosi & Enikő Tóth (eds.): Pre-Proceedings of Eighth Symposium on Logic and Language (LoLa 8). Debrecen. 73-82.

On Object-Shift in Icelandic and Partial Iconicity. Lingua 114. 1235- 1252.

On the OT-status of "Unambiguous Encoding." in: Blutner, Reinhard & Henk Zeevat (eds.): Optimality Theory and Pragmatics. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan. 154-172.


[with Markus Steinbach]. What do Reduced Pronominals Reveal about the Syntax of Dutch and German? Part 2: Fronting. Linguistische Berichte 196. 459-490.

[with Markus Steinbach]. What do Reduced Pronominals Reveal about the Syntax of Dutch and German? Part 1: Clause-Internal PositionsLinguistische Berichte 195. 257-294.

[with Jens Michaelis]. A Note on Countercyclicity and Minimalist Grammars. in: Jäger, Gerhard, Paola Monachesi, Gerald Penn & Shuly Wintner (eds.): Proceedings of Formal Grammar 2003. 103-114.

Huygens' Principle: A Case Against Optimality, Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26.6. 779-781.

Kurzrezension. "Bosch, Peter & Rob van der Sandt (eds.) (1999) 'Focus,' Cambridge: CUP." Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft. 270-271.

How Icelandic Can You Be, If You Speak Icelandic B? in: Delsing, Lars- Olof, Cecilia Falk, Gunlög Josefsson & Halldor Sigurðsson (eds.): Grammar in Focus Vol.II [ = Festschrift für Christer Platzack]. 115-122.


On the Force of V2 Declaratives. Theoretical Linguistics. 28.1. 33-42. [draft]

Generalized Transformations and Beyond, Berlin: Akademie-Verlag.

[with Artemis Alexiadou, Elena Anagnostopoulou & Sjef Barbiers]. Introduction. in: Alexiadou, Artemis et al. (eds.) Dimensions of  Movement: From Features to Remnants. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 1-16.

[with Werner Frey]. On the Treatment of Scrambling and Adjunction in Minimalist Grammars. in: Jäger, Gerhard, Paola Monachesi, Gerald Penn & Shuly Wintner (eds.): Proceedings of Formal Grammar 2002. 41-52.


On the Force of V2 Declaratives. ZASPiL 23. 103-109.

Bound Focus and Assertionality. in: Anton Benz (ed.): Proceedings of the International Conference on Formal Pragmatics. Berlin.

Are there V2 Relative Clauses in German?, Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics. 3.2. [2000]. 97-141.

[with Joanna Błaszczak]. Intonational Phrasing, Discontinuity, and the Scope of Negation, GLOW Newsletter 46. 26-27.


[with Markus Steinbach]. What do Reduced Pronominals Reveal about the Syntax of Dutch and German?, in: Gärtner, Hans-Martin (ed.): Two Papers on Clitics. Linguistics in Potsdam 9. 7-62.


 Phrase-Linking Meets Minimalist Syntax, in: Bird, Sonya, Andrew Carnie, Jason Haugen & Peter Norquest (eds.): WCCFL 18 Proceedings. Somerville MA.: Cascadilla Press. 159-169.

Generative Ökonomieprinzipien, Iota-Operator, Lambda Operator, Minimalismus, Optimalitätstheorie, Einträge für Lexikon  Sprachwissenschaft. Stuttgart: Metzler-Verlag.


Does German Have V2 Relative Clauses?, Sprache & Pragmatik 48.

Rezension von "Nunes, Jairo (1995) 'The Copy Theory of Movement and the Linearization of Chains in the Minimalist Program' Ph.D. dissertation, University of Maryland," GLOT International 3.8. 16-19.

[with Chris Wilder]. Zur Rolle von Ökonomieprinzipien in der Generativen Linguistik, Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft 15.1.1-31.


[with Markus Steinbach]. Anmerkungen zur Vorfeldphobie Pronominaler  Elemente. in: d'Avis, Franz & Uli Lutz (eds.): Zur Satzstruktur im Deutschen. Arbeitspapiere des SFB 340, Tübingen/Stuttgart. 1-30.

[with Chris Wilder]. Introduction. in: Wilder, Chris et al. (eds.), The Role of Economy Principles in Linguistic Theory. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag. 1-35.


Rezension von "Marga Reis (ed.) (1993), 'Wortstellung und Informationsstruktur.' Tübingen: Niemeyer." Linguistische Berichte 161: 90-94.

1995. Has Bare Phrase Structure Superseded X-bar Theory? in: Alexiadou, Artemis et al. (eds.): FAS Papers in Linguistics 4. Berlin. 22-35.


[with Markus Steinbach]. Economy, Verb Second, and the SVO-SOV Distinction. Working Papers in Scandinavian Syntax 53: 1-59.


Erweiterungen der Bindungstheorie. Sprachwissenschaft in Frankfurt, Arbeitspapier 3.


Edited books:


[with Daniel Gutzmann]. Beyond Expressives. Explorations in Use-Conditional Meaning. Leiden: Brill.


[with Uli Sauerland]. Interfaces + Recursion = Language? Chomsky’s Minimalism and the View from Syntax-Semantics. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.  


[with Paul Law & Joachim Sabel]. Clause Structure and Adjuncts in Austronesian Languages. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.


[with Artemis Alexiadou, Elena Anagnostopoulou, & Sjef Barbiers]. Dimensions of Movement: From Features to Remnants. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.   


[with Chris Wilder & Manfred Bierwisch]. The Role of Economy Principles in Linguistic Theory. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag.  



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